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3 Inches of Blood - Fire Up The Blades

3 Inches of Blood - Fire Up The Blades
Artist:3 Inches of Blood
Title:Fire Up The Blades
Genre:Heavy Metal, Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $6.75

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Vancouver's 3 Inches of Blood unleash Fire Up The Blades, the sophomore release from the dual vocalist group. Recording with several band members for the first time, Fire Up The Blades truly realizes the band's full potential with lightning fast guitar work, galloping drums and over the top vocals. Produced by Joey Jordison (of Slipknot) and mixed by Zeuss (Shadows Fall), Fire Up the Blades sees 3 Inches of Blood taking the sounds of their 80s metal influences to new extremes to create a signature sound all their own. (2007)

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