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Aftershok - Burning Chrome

Aftershok - Burning Chrome
Title:Burning Chrome
Genre:Heavy Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $10.50

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With Shok Paris gone, vocalist Vic Hix found himself on the rise of the rock/metal world again. This time with Aftershok. This is rock with a metal edge that has catchy hooks, awesome riffs and great vocals. Fans of Shok Paris will be into this endeavor. (2004)


CD 1
1.Sons Of Thunder
2.Burning Chrome
3.Against The Rage
4.Dream Maker
5.Livin' On The Redline
6.When Comes The Rain
8.Do You Believe?
9.Bombs Away!
10.The Gathering
11.Edge Of Tomorrow.

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