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Arch Enemy - Wages Of Sin (2CD)

Arch Enemy - Wages Of Sin (2CD)
Artist:Arch Enemy
Title:Wages Of Sin (2CD)
Label:Century Media (manufacturer)
Genre:Death Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2
Rating: (2)

Price per item: $11.70

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Storming back with their long-awaited fourth album, Arch Enemy introduces new vocalist Angela Gossow. Far from being an angelic opera-metal diva, Angela shreds her vocal cords like a mutation of Jeff Walker (Carcass) and Chuck Schuldiner (Death). Perfectly accompanied by Michael and Christopher Amott, Sharlee D'Angelo and Daniel Erlandsson through 12 tracks of melodic death metal bitterness. This special U.S. edition includes a bonus CD of rare tracks, cover songs, and a video clip. (2001)


CD 1
1.CD1: Enemy Within
2.Burning Angel
3.Heart Of Darkness
5.Savage Messiah
6.Dead Bury Their Dead
7.Web Of Lies
8.The First Deadly Sin
9.Behind The Smile
10.Snow Bound
11.Shadows And Dust
12.Lament Of A Mortal Soul
13.Ravenous (video)
14.CD2: Starbreaker
15.Aces High
16.Scream Of Anger
17.Diva Satanica
18.Fields Of Desolation '99
19.Damnation's Way
21.The Immortal (video)

Latest Reviews

Absolutely amazing!
This is one of my favorite albums of all time, if not the most favorite. The album is a flawless metal masterpiece. To me, this album is what metal is truly all about, from the shredding riffs and original solos, the amazing drumming...it's blows my mind every time i listen to it.
Good CD and great deal
A good way to save yourself from having to track down the import versions of the other CDs that came before it.