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Bestial Mockery / Unholy Massacre - Eve Of The Bestial Massacre

Bestial Mockery / Unholy Massacre - Eve Of The Bestial Massacre
Artist:Bestial Mockery / Unholy Massacre
Title:Eve Of The Bestial Massacre
Label:Agonia Records
Packaging Group:Grp 2
temporarily out of stock

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CD re-issue of the early vinyl only Bestial Mockery/Unholy Massacre split. The year of 1995 two mentally distorted persons, Master Motorslg and Warslaughter, got to know each other and eventually they understood that something had to be done to unleash their mental illness. This is Unholy, unpure, untight Black metal! (2006) Trackl Listing: Bestial Mockery - Attack Of The Morbid Coven:
Slay The God /
I Will Puke On Christ /
The Witches Song /
Annihilist /
Storms Of Hate /
Unholy Massacre - Brazilian Deathsquad Attack:
Intro/Endless War /
Brazilian Deathsquad Attack /
Merciless Hecatomb /

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