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Bob Wayne/Exodus - Bob Wayne/Exodus Spilt 7"

Bob Wayne/Exodus - Bob Wayne/Exodus Spilt 7"
Artist:Bob Wayne/Exodus
Title:Bob Wayne/Exodus Spilt 7"
Format:7 Inch
Label:Century Media (manufacturer)
Genre:Outlaw Country, Thrash / Speed Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 3

Price per item: $4.50

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Outlaw Country and Thrash Metal on the same 7''? Your goddamn right! Bob Wayne keeps you trucking on the road and Exodus puts the pedal to the metal on this split release. Both songs are highlights off of each's new record. Both are road dog touring machines so head on down to your local watering hole next time they're in your town. (2011)


1.Side A: Road Bound - Bob Wayne
2.Side B: Hammer And Life - Exodus

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