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Captain Beyond - Live in Texas - October 6, 1973 (double vinyl)

Captain Beyond - Live in Texas - October 6, 1973 (double vinyl)
Artist:Captain Beyond
Title:Live in Texas - October 6, 1973 (double vinyl)
Format:Double LP
Genre:Progressive Rock, Hard Rock
Packaging Group:Grp 5
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A vintage performance from Captain Beyond! Absolutely awesome progressive hard rock from one of the '70s era's finest gems. Double vinyl edition! (2013)


Double vinyl
2.Distant Sun
3.Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)
5.Myopic Void
6.Drifting in Space
7.Pandora's Box (It's War)
8.Thousand Days of Yesterday
9.Frozen Over
10.guitar solo
11.Mesmerization Eclipse
12.drum solo
13.Mesmerization Eclipse (reprise)
14.Stone Free

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