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Courageous - Downfall Of Honesty (Slipcase)

Courageous - Downfall Of Honesty (Slipcase)
Title:Downfall Of Honesty (Slipcase)
Genre:Heavy Metal, Thrash / Speed Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $12.00

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COURAGEOUS play an unrivaled hybrid of modern and traditional metal, which they perform with bone-crunching intensity, though without ever-sacrificing the structure or the melody of their songs (2006)

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CD 1
1.The System Has Failed
2.A Million Eyes
3.Praise Thy Name
4.Downfall Of Honesty
5.Alter Ego
6.My Sheltered Dishonour
7.Hollow Creation
8.Human Sacrifice
9.Sacrificed Hypocrisy
10.Days Of Wrath
11.The Guf (The Final Sign)

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