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Deicide - Till Death Do Us Part

Deicide - Till Death Do Us Part
Title:Till Death Do Us Part
Genre:Death Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2
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The notorious Death Metal legends Deicide return with their most barbaric and extreme album ever in the form of 'Till Death Do Us Part'. Featuring the band's fastest and most epic tracks to date, the album sets a relentless pace and makes no concessions as it out-extremes all of the current pretenders to the Death Metal throne. Lyrically fueled by Glen Benton's well documented personal life, and musically driven by drummer Steve Asheim's hyperspeed blast mania Deicide deliver a sense shattering set of tunes that will easily cement their position at the pinnacle of the extreme Death Metal scene. (2008)

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CD 1
1.The Beginning of the End
2.Till Death Do Us Part
3.Hate of All Hatreds
4.In the Eyes of God
5.Worthless Misery
6.Severed Ties
7.Not as Long as We Both Shall Live
8.Angel of Agony
9.Horror in the Halls of Stone
10.The End of the Beginning.

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