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Fall Of The Bastards / Book Of Black Earth - Split

Fall Of The Bastards / Book Of Black Earth - Split
Artist:Fall Of The Bastards / Book Of Black Earth
Label:Evil Morgue Entertainment
Genre:Black Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $11.00

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Two of the best up-and-coming black metal bands from the United States bring you one of the most anticipated splits for 2006. Both bands give you an onslaught of blast beats and scathing vocals that will induce nightmares. Do sleep on this release, pick it up. (2006)


CD 1
1.Fall Of The Bastards - Slough Of The Despondant
2.The Path Of The Moon God
3.A Swarm Of Swords - Book Of Black Earth - Olden
4.Silent Through The Black Vortex.

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