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Fistula - Loser (LP)

Fistula - Loser (LP)
Title:Loser (LP)
Label:Patac Records
Genre:Doom/Death Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 5

Price per item: $13.00

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According to Fistula ringleader Corey Bing, “It’s very dark and sad, twisted humor, dense, heavy, tuned LOW. It sounds like old metal, Venom style with GBH undertones. Llike Death playing hopscotch with the apocalypse while finger-bangin’ Autopsy.” The six-song record features the band's trademark sickening guitar tone, agonized vocals, and wretched attitude, worshipping as always upon the bloodstained altars of Celtic Frost, Winter, Eyehategod and Buzz*oven. On Blue vinyl and includes digital download. (2011)

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