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Gorement - Within the Shadow of Darkness - The Complete Recordings 2CD

Gorement - Within the Shadow of Darkness - The Complete Recordings 2CD
Title:Within the Shadow of Darkness - The Complete Recordings 2CD
Format:Double CD
Label:Century Media (import)
Genre:Death Metal, Doom/Death Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 3

Price per item: $11.70

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One of the most acclaimed yet totally underground bands of the entire Swedish death metal movement, Gorement's severely downtuned, doom-laden death metal is finally resurrected here on this anthology release. Remastered by Dan Swano (who knows a thing or two about achieving top-notch Swedeath sounds!), the material spans 1991 through 1995, including 1994's fucking awesome 'The Ending Quest' album. (2012)


1.My Ending Quest (The Ending Quest - album 1994)
2.Vale Of Tears (The Ending Quest - album 1994)
3.Human Relic (The Ending Quest - album 1994)
4. The Memorial (The Ending Quest - album 1994)
5.The Lost Breed (The Ending Quest - album 1994)
6.Silent Hymn (For The Dead) (The Ending Quest - album 1994)
7.Sea Of Silence (The Ending Quest - album 1994)
8.Obsequies Of Mankind (The Ending Quest - album 1994)
9.Darkness Of The Dead (The Ending Quest - album 1994)
10.Into Shadows (The Ending Quest - album 1994)
1.Intro (Human Relic - demo 1991)
2.Darkness Of The Dead (Human Relic - demo 1991)
3.Human Relic (Human Relic - demo 1991)
4.Moulder Within (Human Relic - demo 1991)
5.Intro (Obsequies … - demo 1991)
6.Process Of Cent (Obsequies … - demo 1991)
7.Gruesome Modification Of Form (Obsequies … - demo 1991)
8.Obsequies Of Mankind (Obsequies … - demo 1991)
9.The Memorial (The Memorial - EP 1992)
10.Into Shadows (The Memorial - EP 1992)
11.Garden Of Delight (Promo 1995)
12.Profound Harmony (Promo 1995)
13.Soulless Sanity (Promo 1995)
14.Gruesome Modification Of Form (live)
15.Obsequies Of Mankind (live)
16.Darkness Of The Dead (live)
17.Exhume To Consume (live)
18.Blood, Pus And Gastric Juice (live)

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