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Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone

Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone
Artist:Heaven Shall Burn
Label:Century Media (manufacturer)
Genre:Death Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $11.00

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This new album is full of thick beefy riffs, amazing harmonies, pummeling double bass assaults and a harsh vocal delivery. The entire outing is made all the more devastating with the best production the band has ever seen. This version contains 2 bonus cover songs not available on the European import. (2004)


CD 1
1.Echoes (Intro)
2.The Weapon They Fear
3.The Only Truth
4.Architects Of The Apocalypse
5.Voice Of The Voiceless
6.Numbing The Pain
7.. To Harvest The Storm
8.Risandi Von (Outro)
9.Bleeding To Death
10.Tree Of Freedom
11.The Dream Is Dead
12.Deyjandi Von (Outro)BONUS TRACKS - Dislocation (Disembodied)
13.Not My God (Hate Squad)

Latest Reviews

Frédéric Rémillard03/14/2009
Sickness in paradise
Strong effort with a couple high class numbers; give a try to

1-The weapon they fear

2-Numbing the pain

Some will say that the several piano interludes kill the album but I will certainly not agree on this.