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Ignite - Our Darkest Days Live (DVD/CD)

Ignite - Our Darkest Days Live (DVD/CD)
Title:Our Darkest Days Live (DVD/CD)
Label:Century Media (manufacturer)
Packaging Group:Grp 3

Price per item: $13.50

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One of melodic hardcore's leading forces, Ignite is pleased to announce the release of their first ever live DVD, Our Darkest Days Live . The DVD features 21 Ignite classics, a behind the scenes documentary of the band recording Our Darkest Days, as well as several music videos. The live performance was shot in Leipzig, Germany in 2008 when Ignite was on tour with Terror, Strung Out, Death Before Dishonor and BurnThe8Track. For the first time ever, the power and extreme intensity of an Ignite show can be experienced in your living room. Without the elbows... (2012)

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