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Krisiun - The Great Execution (Digi)

Krisiun - The Great Execution (Digi)
Title:The Great Execution (Digi)
Label:Century Media (import)
Genre:Death Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $13.05

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The Brazilian Death Metal combo Krisun finally returns with their new studio album The Great Execution - an organic sounding masterpiece full of songs that are diverse, containing extreme tempo variations, distinct patterns and even clean guitars. By successfully ignoring trends and fads, Krisiun have emerged as one of the most impressive Death Metal imports from South America and stand toe-to-toe with their Death Metal peers in sheer ferocity. The Great Execution will only further this legacy. This is the limited digipak with a bonus track. (2011)


1.The Will to Potency
2.Blood of Lions
3.The Great Execution
4.Descending Abomination
5.The Extremist
6.The Sword of Orion
7.Violentia Gladiatore
8.Rise and Confront
9.Extinção em Massa
10.Shadows of Betrayal
11.Black Force Domain (Re-Recording)

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