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Lions Lions - To Carve Our Names

Lions Lions - To Carve Our Names
Artist:Lions Lions
Title:To Carve Our Names
Label:Hollywood Waste
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $10.80

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LIONS LIONS comes out of the Boston music scene that almost all of its members helped to form. Brandon Davis (formerly of Vanna and Therefore I Am), Jon Kay (formerly of The Jonah
Veil), Nick Sjostrom and Joshua Herzer have all come together to form a sound that includes influences from many genres of music. Pulling references from all of their own individually culturally diverse backgrounds, they make a sound that is completely a vein of its own. Doing everything DIY up until now, they've been causing a stir locally. Their first show as a band
was a sell out, they've toured with an array of great acts and have issued a number of releases independently. LIONS LIONS brings a new, yet familiar post-hardcore sound, bringing listeners back to the era when Story Of The Year, Finch and Thrice were topping the charts. (2012)


2.The Undertow
3.Stable As Stone
4.White Flag
5.The Right Steps
6.Carry On
7.Losing Balance
10.Letting Go
11.Our Colors

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