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Living Corpse - And Everything Slips Away (digi)

Living Corpse - And Everything Slips Away (digi)
Artist:Living Corpse
Title:And Everything Slips Away (digi)
Label:Coroner Records
Genre:Metalcore, Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $14.50

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The second album from this Italian band does what they did on their debut, only better! But what it is they do isn't that easy to sum up...so let's just throw these tags at you: alternative, post-core, metalcore, melodi-death, thrash...but it's best to let their killer music speak for itself! (2012)


1.Human Conception
2.Smile to the Victory
3.Run Away
4.Set Me Free
5.The Light of the Answers
6.Across the Sea of Desperation
8.How the Hell Are You Gonna Pay Your Dues
9.Now Rise the Fuck Up!

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