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Lord Vicar / Funeral Circle - split (EP)

Lord Vicar / Funeral Circle - split (EP)
Artist:Lord Vicar / Funeral Circle
Title:split (EP)
Label:Eyes Like Snow
Genre:Doom Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $9.90

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On this split CD, Lord Vicar, traditional doom cult act from Finland featuring Peter Vicar, formerly of Reverend Bizarre, and Christian Lindersson of Count Raven, join with Canadian old school doomsters Funeral Circle and present exclusive tracks for this split release. Lord Vicar deliver just what people might expect after their phenomenal debut album and created a massive, almost-14 minute epic called "The Fear of Being Crushed," while newcomers Funeral Circle offer us a grim old school fucker called "The Hexenhammer" and their interpretation of Witchfinder General classic "Burning a Sinner." Cover artwork by the one and only Albert Witchfinder (ex-Reverend Bizarre). (2011)

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