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Lost In Thought - Opus Arise

Lost In Thought - Opus Arise
Artist:Lost In Thought
Title:Opus Arise
Label:Inner Wound Recordings
Genre:Progressive Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $15.50

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A new generation of Progressive Metal has been born in Wales by the up and coming Lost In Thought. Lost In Thought's music consists of both heavy and distinct riffs, large orchestrations, melodic guitar and keyboard unisons, epic vocal melodies, variable time signatures and dynamic ballad sections. This is a must for all fans of Threshold, Circus Maximus, Pagan's Mind and Seventh Wonder. (2011)


1.Beyond The Flames
3.Blood Red Diamond
4.Seek To Find
5.New Times Awaken
6.Delusional Abyss
7.Lost In Thoughts
8.Assimulate, Destroy

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