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Mesetiah - A Force to Recognize

Mesetiah - A Force to Recognize
Title:A Force to Recognize
Label:Inverse Records
Genre:Death Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $12.00

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In conjunction with 3rd Track Production, Inverse Records offers the second Mesetiah album, a swampy, murky, super-heavy exploration of metal at its heaviest and most deathly. Somewhere between Six Feet Under and Crowbar perhaps, but there's really only one Mesetiah. (2012)


1.A Force to Recognize
2.There Is No Such Thing As Salvation
3.Destruction From the Dungeon
4.Eaten by the Sun
5.Break a Neck
6.Razorblades for Breakfast
7.Bones in the Basement
8.Gruesome Blues
9.There Will Be Blood
10.No Rest For the Dead
11.The Inevitable

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