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Metal Knights - World of Forever

Metal Knights - World of Forever
Artist:Metal Knights
Title:World of Forever
Label:Rat Pak Records
Genre:Heavy Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $12.00

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Produced by Craig Coldy (Dio), Metal Knights World of Forever brings the classic Mid-Evil metal to you. World of Forever is sure to give you a straight up shot of classic metal you won't soon forget. For headbangers who love NWOBHM, Cage, Saxon, Halford and Alice Cooper. (2009)

Latest Reviews

I had seen this band play live in 2007 and knew then they were destined for greatness! If you love Judas Priest, Alice Cooper and DIO, then your going to love this band for sure. Honestly one of the best REAL HARD ROCK/HEAVY METAL CDs I love to never take out of my 6 player CD in the car. Something for everyone here, from the demonic sounding opening that kicks starts THE ENFORCER to great songs like YOU'RE GONNA PAY and LAST GOODBYES and then the whole lets fuck the listener up by adding THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM, a classic piece that sets up a great WHOA! moment before TOTALLY kicking that same listener in the ass with the finale BATTLECRY! If you don't add this to your collection, you'll be kicking yourself down the road when you could have said "I knew of these guys before anyone!" A GREAT TESTIMENT TO REAL CLASSIC HEAVY METAL and as the band theme is "OH SO MEDIEVAL" HORNS UP guys!-VM

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