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Paradise Lost - Tragic Illusion 25 (10" mint green vinyl + CD)

Paradise Lost - Tragic Illusion 25 (10" mint green vinyl + CD)
Artist:Paradise Lost
Title:Tragic Illusion 25 (10" mint green vinyl + CD)
Format:10 inch
Label:Century Media (import)
Genre:Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Dark Metal, Doom/Death Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 4

Price per item: $16.00

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From the harrowing doom of their 1990 debut 'Lost Paradise' to 1991's genre-defining 'Gothic' to 1995s break-out masterpiece 'Draconian Times' to 1997's electronically-tinged 'One Second,' to 2007’s return to a heavier form 'In Requiem' to last year's opus 'Tragic Idol,' Paradise Lost has continued to evolve since their inception in 1988, inspiring countless artists throughout the years. To celebrate their influence on the scene, this special compilation commemorates the band’s 25th anniversary landmark. Entitled 'Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities),' all tracks here are previously-released rarities -- except the new track “Loneliness Remains” and newly-recorded revisitations of old tracks “Gothic 2013” and “Our Saviour 2013.” ***This special version pairs up vinyl and CD: the three new recordiings also come on a mint-green 10" vinyl (an exclusive color for the North American territory -- only 300 pressed).*** (2013)


10", Side 1
1.Loneliness Remains
10", Side 2
1.Gothic 2013
2.Our Saviour 2013
1.Loneliness Remains
2.Never Take Me Alive (Spear Of Destiny cover version)
3.Ending Through Changes
4.The Last Fallen Saviour
5.Last Regret (Lost in Prague Orchestra Mix)
6.Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us (Lost in Prague Orchestra Mix)
7.Cardinal Zero
8.Back On Disaster
9.Sons Of Perdition
11.Missing (Everything But The Girl Cover)
12.Silent In Heart
13.Gothic 2013
14.Our Saviour 2013

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