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Rival Sons - Head Down

Rival Sons - Head Down
Artist:Rival Sons
Title:Head Down
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $9.00

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Soulful, maximum-blues-infused hard rock band RIVAL SONS are back with their sophomore album Head Down. With their blues bravado, raw riffing and unmatched mystique, the Long Beach, CA quartet have received critical acclaim both in the U.S. and in Europe, where they recently wrapped a massive tour, playing festivals and headlining their own shows. They’ve already played to massive crowds in Europe at festivals such as Rock Am Ring and Download, and they’re hot off a run supporting Guns N’ Roses. In the U.S., they were named a 2011 iTunes “Rock Breakthrough Band,” opened for AC/DC and performed at the Indianapolis 500 and the Long Beach Grand Prix. Revolver said, “singer Jay Buchanan is an undeniable vocal force (July 2011).” CMJ said: “Listen…with the volume cranked (7/27/11).” The band wrote, recorded, and mixed Head Down in just 20 days, and the band conjured the same energy that made their debut album a fan and critical favorite, while time treading new territory together. The rawness and immediacy—textured with a myriad of light and shape—produced powerful results. Explains Buchanan: “In the code of the Samurai, any decision must be made between 3 and 5 breaths…writing by that code forces us to act, go with our instincts and really, truly listen to each other. Creatively, you’re bringing your most immediate instincts.” (2013)


1.Keep On Swinging
2.Wild Animal
3.You Want To
4.Until The Sun Comes
5.Run From Revelation
7.All The Way
8.The Heist
9.Three Fingers
11.Manifest Destiny Part 1
12.Manifest Destiny Part 2

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