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Steve Hackett - Beyond The Shrouded Horizon (2CD)

Steve Hackett - Beyond The Shrouded Horizon (2CD)
Artist:Steve Hackett
Title:Beyond The Shrouded Horizon (2CD)
Format:Double CD
Label:Inside Out
Packaging Group:Grp 3

Price per item: $10.40

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Steve Hackett has earned the reputation of being one of Britain's finest composers and guitarists. Pete Gabriel invited him to join Genesis in 1970 and his involvement led to 8 albums. His complex and distinctive playing contributed heavily to their early success, developing an elegance and sophistication which have become his trademark and he has since achieved consistent solo success internationally. (2011)


Disc 1
1.Loch Lomond
2.The Phoenix Flown
4.Til These Eyes
5.Prairie Angel
6.A Place Called Freedom
7.Between The Sunset And The Coconut Palms
8.Waking To Life
9.Two Faces Of Cairo
10.Looking For Fantasy
11.Summer's Breath
13.Turn This Island Earth
Disc 2
1.Four Winds: North
2.Four Winds: South
3.Four Winds: East
4.Four Winds: West
5.Pieds En L Air
6.She Said Maybe
7.Enter The Night
8.Eruption: Tommy
9.Reconditioned Nightmare

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