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Stick To Your Guns - Comes From The Heart

Stick To Your Guns - Comes From The Heart
Artist:Stick To Your Guns
Title:Comes From The Heart
Label:Century Media (manufacturer)
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $10.00

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Stick To Your Guns is a 5-piece melodic hardcore band from Orange County, CA. They blend melody, heaviness and sincerity into one solid sound that'll cater to fans of Comback Kid, Throwdown, Ignite and Rise Against. Ever since forming, these guys are road warriors and have toured heavily and will comtinue to do so in the coming years, so don't sleep on this great band. (2008)


CD 1
1.Heart From The Heartless
3.Part Of Me
4.Enough's Enough
5.Accessory Children
6.Comes From The Heart
7.Tonights Entertainment
8.We Must Looks Like Ants Feom Up There
9.Driving Force
10.Searching For The Surface

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