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Torche - Healer/Across The Shields (12"/DVD)

Torche - Healer/Across The Shields (12"/DVD)
Title:Healer/Across The Shields (12"/DVD)
Packaging Group:Grp 6

Price per item: $19.50

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Side A's got the hot hit singles 'Healer' and 'Across The Shields' from Torche's cream o' the crop 2008 full length release, Meanderthal.. Side B's got not one, but two previously unreleased (and totally unavailabe anywhere else!) tracks recorded by the band in 2008 just after 'Meanderthal's' release. DVD conveniently contains both official videos for 'Healer' and 'Across The Sheilds'! (12"+DVD) (2011)

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