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Type O Negative - Dead Again

Type O Negative - Dead Again
Artist:Type O Negative
Title:Dead Again
Label:Steamhammer / SPV
Genre:Doom Metal, Metal, Gothic Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2
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Four years since the group's last output (2003's LIFE IS KILLING ME), Type O Negative present their first set for SPV/Steamhammer with DEAD AGAIN, described by the band as "confused dirge-core." Ever-provocative with his lyrics, Steele tackles the death of a close friend ("Halloween In Heaven"), drug and alcohol abuse ("Dead Again"), and spirituality ("These Three Things"). Guest vocalist Tara VanFlower (of Lycia) lends her own brand of beautiful darkness to the proceedings. (2007)


CD 1
1.Dead Again
2.Tripping A Blind Man
3.The Profits Of Doom
4.September Sun
5.Halloween In Heaven
6.These Three Things
7.She Burned Me Down
8.Some Stupid Tomorrow
9.An Ode To Locksmiths
10.Hails And Farewell To Britain - Live LP: Everything Dies
11.My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
12.Christian Woman
13.Love You To Death
14.Black No. 1

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