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Various Artists - Strong As Steel - A Tribute to Anvil

Various Artists - Strong As Steel - A Tribute to Anvil
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Strong As Steel - A Tribute to Anvil
Label:Skol Records
Genre:Heavy Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2
temporarily out of stock

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A worthy tribute to a worthy band, this tribute album is approve of and supported by Anvil themselves. Features only high quality and exclusive recordings (plus a fat 16-page booklet), this album features 13 Anvil gems performed by acts such as Crystal Viper, Sinister Realm, Skelator, Maverick, Dexter Ward, Breaker, Destructor and others. The band Caym features Anvil drummer Robb Reiner's son Tyler on drums! (2013)


1.Metal On Metal - CRYSTAL VIPER
2.Winged Assassins - CAYM
3.Forged in Fire - SINISTER REALM
4.Heat Sink - STORMZONE
5.Bedroom Game - DESTRUCTOR
6.Cut Loose - SKELATOR
7.Concrete Jungle - BREAKER
8.School Love - SAVAGE BLADE
9.Hard Times - Fast Ladies - CONVIXION
10.Free As the Wind - DEXTER WARD
11.666 - SATANICA
12.Ooh Baby - MAVERICK
13.Mothra - IRON KOBRA

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