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Warbringer - War Without End

Warbringer - War Without End
Title:War Without End
Label:Century Media (manufacturer)
Genre:Thrash / Speed Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $8.00

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80's thrash bands are still cherished by their longtime fans and many have gone to be considered 'classics 'amongst a younger generation. Combine that with many old-school bands reuniting or jamming with original members, and it's easy to see why thrash metal is seeing such a resurgence. Warbringer is one of the leaders of this revival and via their EP, One By One The Wicked Fall, they have built an organic buzz and are ready to kick open the door even further with their phenomenal new album, War Without End, recorded, mixed and mastered by legendary thrash producer Bill Metoyer. Ten songs of face-melting, non-stop aural intensity that hits with venomous force! (2008)


CD 1
1.Total War
2.Systematic Genocide
3.Dread Command
4.Hell On Earth
5.At The Crack Of Doom
6.Beneath The Waves
7.Instruments Of Torture
8.Shoot To Kill
9.Born Of The Ruins
10.Combat Shock.

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