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Winds Of Plague - Against The World (Die-Cut O Card)

Winds Of Plague - Against The World (Die-Cut O Card)
Artist:Winds Of Plague
Title:Against The World (Die-Cut O Card)
Label:Century Media (manufacturer)
Genre:Deathcore, Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $12.00

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Winds Of Plague, the Southern California purveyors of pain are back with their new record - a perfect metallic assault of angst ridden fury. Against The World is simply a bare bones assault of uninhibited aggressiveness that will beat any listener into oblivion. They still topped every song off with over the top epic orchestral arrangements, but they brought back the more hardcore live show elements to. Fans of Decimate The Weak and The Great Stone War will be pleased for they haven't altered the formula or strayed from their roots, but injected them with rage and fury. This record is beautiful, ignorant and heavy. (2011)


1.Raise The Dead
2.One For The Butcher
3.Drop the Match
4.Built For War
5.Refined In The Fire
6.The Warrior Code
7.Against The World
9.Most Hated
10.Only Song We're Allowed To Play in Church Venues
12.Strength To Dominate

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