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Winds Of Plague - The Great Stone War

Winds Of Plague - The Great Stone War
Artist:Winds Of Plague
Title:The Great Stone War
Label:Century Media (manufacturer)
Genre:Deathcore, Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $12.00

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Winds Of Plague explode once again onto the heavy music scene. The Great Stone War is innovative and shows their high enery style of hardcore, metal and black metal even more so. Each track is punishing and will bring you closer to the plague. (2009)


2.Forged In Fire
3.Soldiers Of Doomsday
4.Approach The Podium
5.Battle Scars
6.Chest And Horns
7.Creed Of Tyrants
8.Our Requiem
9.Classic Struggle
10.The Great Stone War
11.Tides Of Change

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