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Zed Yago - From The Twilight Zone (2CD)

Zed Yago - From The Twilight Zone (2CD)
Artist:Zed Yago
Title:From The Twilight Zone (2CD)
Format:Double CD
Genre:Heavy Metal
Packaging Group:Grp 3
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Over 100 minutes of music over two disks from this unqiue female-fronted German power metal band who were probably quite ahead of their time in the '80s era they came from. (2002)


CD 1
1.CD1: Zed Yago (live)
3.Black Bone Song
4.King Arthur
5.United Pirate Kingdom
6.Fear Of Death
7.The Pale Man
8.Waiting For The Wind
9.Pioneer Of The Storm
10.Stay The Course - Part II
11.CD2: Pilgrims Choir
13.Queen And Priest
14.Rebel Ladies
15.Cover Man
16.Rose Of Martyrdom
17.Ring Of Stone
18.Rocking For The Nation (live)
19.HM Rebels
20.The Spell From Over Yonder
21.Rebel Ladies - Part II
22.Black Bone Song (video track)

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