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Receive discounts on goods, the opportunity to earn Metal Army Dollars, prizes & special opportunities, and more!

To register, you will be need an account with CM Distro and a Metal Army code that was given to you from an existing Metal Army member. (Hint: Codes can be found in CM Distro Item Reviews, Facebook pages, and Myspace pages).

After joining, recruit more soldiers by passing on your Metal Army code to them. They can use the code at CMDistro.com to earn 10% off of all items marked with the Metal Army insignia…and… you earn a commission! You receive a percentage of every actual US dollar spent by anyone that makes purchases using the Metal Army Code that YOU gave them. This commission will be added to your personal member account as Metal Army Dollars. You can then redeem your Metal Army points for a gift certificate to CM Distro or save them for future prizes and offers.

Your recruits will be jealous of your newfound power, but they need not worry. They TOO, are eligible for their very own Metal Army Code by simply enlisting in the service themselves and requesting one.

Wait, it gets better. If your recruits pass their code to others and those recruits become active… they all remain part of your battalion and you earn various commissions from all their purchases; down to four levels… see the Commission Chart for details.

Gather your arms and join your brothers! Enjoy the benefis and start earning money NOW by recruiting soldiers to your battalion.
  • Review and agree to the complete Terms of Service before enlisting.
  • You must be of legal battle age (18) to enlist.
  • The program is void where prohibited.
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