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Devin Townsend - Deconstruction

Devin Townsend - Deconstruction
Artist:Devin Townsend
Label:Inside Out
Packaging Group:Grp 2

Price per item: $10.80

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After his epic, haunting Ki album and the explosive, hook-stuffed Addicted! release, Devin Townsend, one of the most admired and lauded figures in the rock and metal worlds, finally unveils the third and fourth chapters (Deconstruction and Ghost) of his extravagant conceptual quadrilogy which both look certain to be among the most celebrated creations of his career. Deconstruction is arguably the most deranged, complex and extreme record that Devin has ever made. (2011)


Jakob von Feldern07/06/2013
Adrenaline-pumped, headbanging awesomeness
It's been a while since I've reviewed a Devin Townsend album, so I think it's time for me to review another one. Today, I'm reviewing Deconstruction - often viewed as his best album in the post-SYL era. I tend to agree. (To be honest, I never really cared for SYL, but this album has a nice blend of SYL's sound with Devin's recent stuff. Really, a mix of everything)

This album is very kooky and demented-feeling, like a carnival of a madman. Lyrically, it's about Devin looking back on his life, and his mistakes. Musically, it's a diverse combination of choirs, heavy riffs, clean vocals, Devin's trademark screams, with some growling from someone else (not sure who it is) in the background. All of this, while maintaining some humour throughout the album.

The album just starts off immediately with mysterious, wild-sounding music, but builds into an epic mid-album, where it stays for the rest of the album. Ghost is meant to unwind that brutality and anger, and the fact that Ghost is a whole album meant to be the unwinding of Deconstruction shows how brutal this album is.

The second track, Stand, is really awesome, and among my favourites on this album. It has heavy, march-like riffs, some clean vocals, lots of screams, choirs at one point, a high note from Devin, and wild synth effects. The lyrics seem to be talking about how he overcame his addictions.

Track three, Juular is really heavy song, and the song they did the music video for on this album. It starts off with a growl that turns into a scream, and some guitar riffs that almost pulsate like a heartbeat. It has, again, both Devin's signature clean vocals and his screams - the style I like to hear from him. Lyrically, this also talks about overcoming his addictions.

The first 10-minute song of this album, Planet of the Apes is a crazy song. It has really strange timing, but is really heavy and has lots of screams and clean vocals. It has choirs as well, along with an incredibly catchy chorus that I couldn't get out of my head for a long time after hearing it the first time.

Sumeria is a crazy, almost power metal song mixed with the trademark industrial sound that Devin did often with SYL. This song is quite fast, and has shouting vocals in it, along with the screams. It also has awesome choirs at the beginning. It happens to also sound a LOT like an insane carnival throughout the song.

The title track's start is humourous, but once the song kicks in, it's a really great track. A scorching track, very epic, with lots of screams, heavy riffs, Ziltoid-esque choirs, and so forth. There's one point where Devin hits a really high-pitched, but very powerful singing note that's borderline screaming, that makes you want to slam your fist on a table, it's so epic. While it's humourous, lyrically, talking about worshiping a cheeseburger, it makes sense - so many people today make food their idols in life and don't give two cents about obesity as long as they get their food. Meanwhile, there are countless people around the world who would do anything to get a cheeseburger, because they go to bed starving.

Poltergeist, the finale, is a very fast song, very angry-sounding, with lots of screams, and it brings the demented feel of the album full-circle. It's an insane song with really fast and brutal guitars and drums, with a killer ending.

Ultimately, this album is adrenaline-filled. There's not really many calm moments through the album. It keeps your head banging for the entire album, and you can't help but rock out to it. Insanely epic way to keep a person active! ;) This is a great album for just about any Devin fan - if you liked his stuff with SYL, or even some of his heavier solo stuff, give this a listen. If you prefer his more ambient sound, I'd recommend Ghost or Epicloud, as they're more like his ambient stuff off of Terria and Ocean Machine.